Dave Blazek
Dave is a product of a failed scientific experiment and the witness protection program. He’s spent years in jobs that allow for his short attention span and the fact that none of his internal organs are anchored to the walls of his body cavity. 

He came to cartooning late in life after a career as 
           a standup comic, writer, graphic artist, and a  
    producer and director of radio and TV commercials. 

Hard as it is to believe, Dave’s won over 130 regional, national and international creative awards for his advertising work. There’s a good chance he’s already convinced you to buy something you didn’t want.

He also wrote for the comic “Dr. Katz Professional Therapist.” Dave started Loose Parts in 1999 and
             will continue  until he figures out that it’s not a
               secret task requested by the CIA. Dave Blazek Click here to see inside Loose Parts World HQ