It’s here! The newest Loose Parts cartoons collection, and the first Loose Parts book in three years.  Dave Blazek selected his favorite Loose Parts cartoons from the thousand or so that have appeared since the last book. Now they’re in this nifty book that will attack your stomach and leave it, and possibly other parts of your body, laughing Click on the Add To Cart Button and buy it now. If you’re lucky, Dave will even sign it for you!
Yes, they make great gifts. When you get to the order site, type in instructions on who you want it dedicated to. Dave will do the rest! Weird Things In Small Boxes Two Hundred Some Odd Cartoons Parts of My Brain The fourth Loose Parts book.
Filled with humor goodness in little squares. The third Loose Parts book.
200 Loose Parts cartoons picked for their funny oddness, The second Loose Parts book.
Built with actual material from Dave’s brain.