Yep, here I am in my lovely treehouse studio just on the edge of

Valley Forge National Park. Adding it on to the house was my wife's idea. As usual, it was a good one ... though the trees and that guitar are a bit of a distraction. Thank God, the beer fridge is in another part of the house.

As you can probably see, I'm working all digitally now. I drew on paper for well over a decade before making the leap and for me, it's made

me way more productive. (Mostly because I was, and remain,

horrible at erasing.)

So that there big screen is called a Wacom Cintiq and it's slaved to a macbook. I draw using Photoshop right on the screen. But that's just the end of the process. The beginning is coming up with ideas. I write once or twice a week. How? I just sit down and stare off into the distance until I get about a dozen ideas for the week. They go down as words in my little leather joke book. Very few sketches. Yeah, weird ...

I know. I then sort of winnow those down as I draw. And I make sure I never go a week without making at least seven drawings. Then, one  week a month, I go into full production mode placing the art into frames, adding captions and what not, and then shipping everything off to my editor. Then I do a little happy dance. I don't know what my editor does; but she claims she does the Snoopy dance from ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas,’ piano and all.

Here's about  a half hour of drawing condensed down to around 100 seconds. Watch a cartoon come alive.

View the latest Loose Parts Creation Video. This time I can only show the drawing. I'll post the finished cartoon when it runs in newspapers this September.

Just what it says. We like to hike.

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